Lockrings are out?

Bolts are in?

i always wondered why this wasnt done in the first place

They look good. Is the front one a flip flop hup?

post of the year.


sure gets my vote.

you can get them for disk hubs (bolts on to the disk side)

i’m guessing (hoping) he means front in the picture. and yes, it does appear to have bolts coming through the flange.

That is so awesome…they are some PORN hubs

Looks like a front hub, and a rear hub that would be fixed/ fixed.
Awesome piece of kit though.Makes great sense.

great for street, but might be a PITA for the track kids changing cogs often.

they are seriously sexy hubs.
anyone know how much in aussie dorrahs?

I disagree completely. Great for changing cogs often.

Phil Wood High Flange Track ISO Hub- Rear- 1x- 32 hole- Silver FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE: Aspire VeloTech - Chris King World’s Largest Dealer

they have actually been out for a while

From the Phil Woods site:

[i]"Our ISO track hub is now available! The front hub has a larger flange than our high-flange track hub, and the rear has 120mm spacing and in 32 or 36 spoke hole configurations. Provided with the rear hub are six Phil Cog retention bolts. They are Grade 8/Class 8.9 with a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 psi.

The hub is offered in a single-fixed, double-fixed, fixed-freewheel, and fixed-freewheel (White Industries freewheel-specific) configuration. Cogs are available only in 1/8″ and in 16-20 teeth."[/i]

Also I think those hubs you have pictured there might be the one of a kind hubs in COG mag. With laser etched flanges. Overkill?

well probably not that much in it, but i think traditional setup would be quicker.

At least you’d only need an allen key, and could do away with the whip.

Plus you would probably save some skin on your knuckles by using an Allen key over a lockring tool

Looks like the smallest cog is a 16 - not much use for track ?
But I like the idea

nice but very limited with a 16, although mad hipster points.

haha you are killing me