I didn’t know where to put this so I’ll put it here. I’m currently looking to buy another lockring cause my friend gave me bad advice leading me to buying the wrong size lockring. :
I was thinking of buying these: Track Cogs & Lockrings for fixie and track bikes
But, they say they’re suited for the same type of cog, does that mean I have to get the cog for it? (Cause I’ve already ordered one off eBay already.)
Otherwise, I’d go to a LBS, but do they usually sell them? How much approx?

should fit on a standard hub. but dunno if i’d go for a $5 lockring. probs better off grabbing a half decent one from LBS, shouldn’t be more than $20

This is the important bit.


Had an All City lockring come through the shop today. Not super-cheap at $30, but it looked pretty damn solid.

I use a dura ace lock ring it has worked out really well so far. It fits the 1.29" x 24 TPI thread that you need.

I’d go the $5 one - lockrings as they are opposite thread don’t need to be very tight, so the machining is not critical.
But do invest in a decent C spanner to fit and remove it -else you’ll stuff the notches.

Seconding getting a decent spanner. Nothing worse than having to work on a lockring that has the notches essentially widened and thus rendering the lockring nigh on impossible to get off without killing it.

I don’t agree. If your lockring isn’t very tight it will tighten as you try to stop/skid. You will get slippage. Buy a good lockring. And it’s only cheap/soft lockrings that you stuff the notches on.

A wheel is only as good as it’s cog/lockrings…

I agree with Esteban, you get what you pay for with fixed gear stuff I’ve found. Cheap = shit most of the time. And you should tighten hard for sure and always grease up the thread on the hub.

Steel dura-ace lockring is a pretty good thing, last time I tightened mine* the crusty c-spanner rounded and it was unscathed; unlike my knuckles.

Hard to go past for English/ISO threaded hubs.

*And my lockring is ~30 years old…

So I ended up buying the $5 lockring. Which all added up to around $13.
And just got it today. Looks average. Hopefully it’s good. And if it’s not, I s’pose I’ll go buy another one.
Cheers for the help and stuff (:

If it’s not, it’ll stuff your threads and you’ll have to buy a new wheel/hub. You did get some good advice from the question you asked.

Dura Ace for English, Miche for Campy / Italian.

Problem solved.

Listen to the pro’s.

It’s in here aswell http://www.fixed.org.au/forums/f9/tips-tricks-noobs-11349/