So i’ve been using this old cable lock for a while now, because it’s always been there, I don’t know where it came from, I just use it.

Similar to that.

But I always get really worried leaving my bike locked up somewhere for any period of time.

So what lock would you recommend for locking up in well populated and lit areas? Without breaking the bank of course… is it possible to keep my bike safely locked up for under 40 bucks?

Hmmm, $40.00 you might be pushing it. I only use Abus D locks. Expensive but good.
In my opinion, cable locks are generally crap. I’ve seen too many cheap cable locks snapped about on the street it’s not funny. I’ve even seen a bloke cutting one across the street on Swanston St with a pair of small bolt cutters. It’s scary how easy he cut it! :evil:
My recommendation is to save a bit more cash a buy something decent like an Abus D lock or chain lock. If you’re going to bother buying a new lock it may as well be good. Otherwise keep using your ‘ahem’ cable lock.

This new lock would also be used in conjunction with my old one.

on guard make a pretty good armored cable lock for about $50.
25mm inner cable, 80mm outer armored links.
reasonably good quality, drill proof lock, hard to get thru with bolt cutters.
and you just wear it round your waist when riding.
this is my work lock.

abus make a really good one for about $90.
similar to the on guard, but case hardened armor. it’s physically thinner and lighter, but also stronger than the on guard.
this is my other work lock.
for about $130 their top of the line armor link cable is a better security rating than most basic d locks.
it used to be my work lock but was a little heavy.
this is now my weekend lock.

and the krypto armored cable in the same style is a higher rating than their mid range d lock, so you know it’s pretty good.
it’s the lock i want to get one day.

the krypto octagonal chain is heavy as fuck, costs more than a good new bike, and you’ll leave it at home rather than carry it, so i don’t know how useful it really is.
not a lock i’m going to get.

This is pretty much what I’m after. Who stocks them?

or the kryptonite mini D locks for $53 shipped from the us, off ebay. there was a big thread about them

They are done by Bikelink, so basically any store that stocks apollo/raceline, adura or free agent brands would probably have them.
I also have this lock and have been using it for 2 weeks since i lost the keys to my old one…
I have found that it is great and JUST makes it through the rear wheel, frame and front wheel in one pass! I was stoked when i discovered this!

I just picked up an ABUS, armoured cable lock for $50 Aud to the door on ebay (cost around $80 here). (Not a fan of D locks.) Keep an eye out, theres a place in the states that sells Kryptonite stuff for much less than you pay here, even including postage. I was going to get a hefty chain lock, but the damn things weigh over 2 kilos!