I am trying to find an online tool to create a logo for a group I am starting. Any ideas on what to use?

Have you any budget?


Don’t let budget get in the way! You have something better to offer prospective designers: exposure!

MS Paint?


This is so good.

Not quite sure whats so funny about my question. Its a group for suicide prevention and I would like to aim my group at runners. I dont make any money of it, no one has to pay anything and yes I would like to be able to create a logo for free. And yes I also dont have a clue how do to do that. Thanks anyway, I’ll go and ask elsewhere.

Hey Marc - if its something simple you’re looking for, maybe have a look at the Noun Project.

There’s a lot of various vector graphics and some might be useful for your project.

I’m sure no one here meant offence, there are naturally a lot of graphic designers/creatives here and the issue is a somewhat touchy one best dealt with dry sarcasm and humour.

Meh…not worth it

What Droz said. There is the classic example of “hey, can someone help me, but I can’t pay you, the exposure is enough, right?” thing. The further explanation you gave in your recent post would have met with a different response I reckon.

That Noun Project looks like a really good place to kick off. Find an icon, add your name/words.

Thanks guys! I was after a tool to create a logo myself so I am not quite sure why that would offend graphic designers. I didn’t ask for anything for free so I am still dont getting it. Anyway looks like its a sensible topic under designer crowd. I was more or less after a software I can use as I am not one asking for freebies ever.

Have a look at Inkscape an open source Adobe Illustrator clone.

Another option is to get a 30day free trial of the Adobe Illustrator software or if you can’t find the time to learn a somewhat complicated piece of software… If you do find an icon on noun project and want to send me the link to it - I can add your wording and set it up so it’s good to go.


Great, exactly what I was after, thanks!!!

Thanks for the offer mate!!! I dont want to use a pre created icon, its pretty much just typography with a few extras and I will have a go myself.

I love how you made no mention of what it was for but then got mad salty when someone added some humor, then tried to make everyone feel bad because it’s for a touchy subject (though again, you didn’t mention that at the beginning).

Classic setup dude.

Hey Marc,
A good tip Ive found over the years is to draw lots of thumbnail sketches first on paper, makes creating the actual logo a little easier when your using illustrator etc.
Just a tip with typography ‘Kerning’ get that right =]

good luck.

Once again I felt nothing wrong with asking for a software that helps me to create a logo. I didnt want to make anyone feel bad, I didnt understand what was going on and was upset. But go on if you feel like it, you dont know me after all, I am known for setting up people.