Long Pocket Drag Race - 16 Oct

The Long Pocket Drag Race is a head to head all out sprint race over 150m on Mieres road by the boat ramp.

This race is single speed only. Riders using geared systems will be required to prove that their gear shift system is disabled and locked at a reasonable ratio. Depending on entrents, we will hold qualifying to establish the fastest 16 times. Course length is 150m.

There is no ‘wavier’ to sign and the event is not covered by any organisation, if you can’t ride in a straight line for 150m you might have bigger issues to deal with.

If you so desire, qualifying run opponents can be chosen by you the good competitors, they will be timed individually, but we want to give you a chance to settle that old score… You will be timed AGAINST THE ENTIRE FIELD, SO CHOOSE YOUR TIMING PARTNER WISELY.

The top 16 fastest Qualified competitors will go head to head in bracketed elimination rounds until a winner is determined. First place Mens / Womens will receive prizes.

Depending on numbers we may attempt to have a ‘best of the rest’

Cost to enter is donation. If you can not meet this donation, a nude qualifying run will be enforced.

Heckling is priceless, and very much mandatory.