Long solo break....

So on Christmas day I’m going to ride down to Barwon heads (via Sorrento ferry) for Christmas. Then on Boxing day, I’m riding from Barwon Heads to Port Fairy. – This is largely to prove to my cyclist-hating, footy-loving cousins that I’m tougher than them.

So I’m wondering A: if anyone will be riding Christmas morning and if they’re up for a roll in that direction (leaving Northcote at 5:00am) and B: any advice on a route for the second leg, (princes freeway or back roads?) – also any advice on how to ride ‘a long solo break-way’ would be appreciated.


I’d love to but i suspect i would be crucified by my family if i didn’t show up for christmas lunch. My advice would be toward backroads. I’ve ridden some of them around there and they can be pretty nice if the weather is good. Re. ‘long solo breakaway’: eat heaps, drink heaps and, for christ sake Chaz, just use your smaller chainring for a bit.

Also - do target sell food? I’ve got a feeling that might be the only place open on Boxing day in Colac. - are servo’s open boxing day?

You need a sweet soundtrack dude.
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There’s a Coles in Colac, they’ll be open boxing day.

I’d stick to to the highway, just because it will be a lot easier to navigate. You’ve got a fair distance to cover in a day, so you don’t want to be stopping every ten minutes trying to figure out which way to go.

Sounds like a great ride, been toying with something similar for a future Brewery Ride.

Thanks Mr Dylan - but I’ve got a good back log of pretentious Monocle podcasts that should get me by.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying - but it’s the navigation part of backroads that kind of apeals to me - I’m looking at it as a really long alleycat, where winning invovles getting to one of Port Fairy’s four pubs before dark.

Hey Chaz,

No real tips as I’ve not ridden those roads but stay vigilant especially on back roads as it is the silly season n all. Also keep an eye on the sunset times as you’ll be riding into it heading into Pt Fairy which can make it extra hard for cars behind to see you.

Audio books got me through my solo venture but only one (left) earphone in just so I could attempt to hear em coming.

Also I’ll be in Portland from boxing day ish should do a ride / getting drunk at a beach type thing


Get an iphone

dude, don’t you know anything? xmas was when he was born and EASTER was when he was crucified!

chaz, i reckon most servos will be open over the 25th and 26th.