Longer Formula Front Hub Axle

Have ordered my foofy Soma porteur rack, now need to mount it to my axle.

However I think the axle length (all city track hub, probably Novatc? [as it has a hollow axle]) isnt suffieicntly long enough to take the extra spacing of the rack.

The standard lenght is 140 I believe, though I wouldnt have the peace of mind of getting the track nuts full tightened.

I can’t seem to find a replacement longer axle (be it Formula or Novatech, assuming the shouldering/thread/diameter are all the same) and was wondering if anyone knows where one could be had?


going to be tricky due to the stepped axle and noone needing longer fronts coz everybike 100mm.

Ditch track nuts, use regular nuts and thin washers?

I think I’ll wait for the rack to arrive first adn see just how wide the drop outs of the rack are.

Not sure exactly how SOMA supposes people would actually fit this, and the only hub axle I can find that is sufficiently long is the BLB Freestyle hub which are made to also take pegs, but can’t seem to find the axle diameters (may be wider for added radness).

Will shoot an email to them and SOMA to ask.

They’ll just refer you to Blakeyplz.