Lonsdale St resurfaced

My favourite city street to ride just got all the sweeter.
Anyone else feeling this strip?

not a bad cruise in from the east. I like lonsdale right through actually.

speaking of resurfacing…

Question - How fucking great is flying down swanston and over the flinders st tram lines since they have been fixed up?


Ill have to start going via Lonsdale again. Royal Parade on the other hand just seems to be getting worse. Ive started going through the General Cemetery, worth it for those coming from the north, no speed bumps, gumbies or cars. Those dead people probably have the best view in the inner city

Yeah, that’s a great view from in there. Got locked in there once, but that’s another story!

but what’s with inbound bike lane on swanston between franklin and latrobe. it’s been totally botched and is rough as hell. i hope it’s only a temporary solution…

It was quite cool/spooky going through there at half past 7 on Tuesday morning with all that fog.

i was going to say the same thing.
rough as guts.

+1. also the st kilda rd / sturt st intersection. fucking sick of the st kilda rd roadworks, but fuck, if this is the outcome, it will all be worthwhile…

Queen St + new bus lane + skid = red rear tyre.

I wish they’d resurface Swan St, it’s an abomination. Shit, I’d be happy if they even cleaned it for once, sick of trying to dodge broken bottles/large rocks/children/nails.

+1. Bottles/large rocks…Children heal, but tyres cost money :evil:

+1 on Swan St!

+10 on Swan St.

Although I do get a chuckle when small rocks shoot out from my wheels and I hear a ting as it hits some passing vehicle.

i mean southbank boulevard. of course.

oh hai Spud, havnt seen you around these parts for a little while!

  • a bazillion on the above Swan st posts. I live on Swan st.

Riding home from a show or drinks in town on a friday/sat night is enough like a scene from The Warriors as it is, let alone the final gauntlet of Swan st as i enter my home (Coney Island)

the section between Punt and the Yarra bridge is shihouse at the moment, at least they are working on it.

Beza is right, there is something about the sound of the small stones pinging against cars that gets me really siked!

I was wondering about that stuff. there’s a bunch of it laid down around carlton in the bike lanes at the approach to intersections.

haha, yer I always have a laugh when I go under the Westgate bridge and turn down some side street (dunno the name) to get home, I usually average about 3 rocks shot into cars every time I ride down there.

it’s the little things in life that make us smile. it’s crossed my mind a few times to try and perfect it so i can do it on cue.

Maybe a tube full of ball bearings just under the down tube right next to the BB? If you had something that could open and close a valve - disused gear lever + cable perhaps :wink: - then with a bit of adjustment you could get it to sit just to the left of the tyre so that they skip into parked cars - or on the right for the moving ones.

now that’s taking it to a whole new level =D