Look at that hipster - no brakes, no helmet...

…dodging pedestrians & horse & carts, crossing tram tracks.

George St, Sydney 1906


So rad! Wonder if xcouriersx were hanging out at 1 martin yet…

Thats pretty cool.

Reminds me of my dad’s cousin telling me that ‘back in the day’ in Ashburton (Smalltown NZ) most kids rode track bikes cos in winter the old brakes didn’t work very well and the town had a decent velodrome so there were alot of old track bikes floating around getting passed down/along.
He said he and his mates didn’t like the track bikes and all wanted gears.

What’s with the Instagram filter?

Pretty cool but, no whip skid?

1906? Pretty sure the same dude nearly killed me crossing at the lights on george today…only he was dressed in a blue and yellow skin suit :stuck_out_tongue:

wow that actually looks better than sydney today

Yeah, alright tram tracks…

that’s awesome rod! did you find that in your own time or part of work research?

ABC were doing ‘a thing’ on the proposed new plans for george st (no cars, light rail etc) and wanted some pics of what it used to look like, so I found that and a few other things.