Look at them shine..

I never liked these frames but now that I’ve got one I’m in love. The whole thing is super tight and the polished alloy looks amazing in the sun. When I bought it I was told it was a 60 but turns out it’s a 56 so will probably be up for grabs shortly.

Dodgy phone pic doesn’t do it justice but can’t find the G:(


I sold my 1994 50cm track as it was too small. I’d love another one my size but their prices are getting steeper and steeper!

Wow. I actually like this.


Thought it looked familiar. Pity about the size being misquoted.

a ‘classic’ in its own right, needs chunkeir forks imo.

shouldnt have any problems moving the frame!


I will physically fight you for it.

It was a 56 in the end? I’m almost glad I didn’t get it. Looks badass in the sunlight.

My favourite frame. Sigh.

I’m massive and work out heaps. I’ll fight you for it.

Looking good mate!, nice build… Pity its a 56, not something smaller!

i am middling, and can barely bench 40 kilos. But my mind is sharp.

but his surfboard becomes a handy weapon so watch out

whoa, word spreads.

Haha talk of the town

i will physically fight you with my matching 56 square cannondale road bike

sure is. first thing i heard about when i got back from a week away…

went to bells yesterday, there was much talk of HMC!!

I’m a pretty cool guy dude man.