Look kg 196

Super rare LOOK KG 196 Frame with Ergostem Mavic BB | eBay

I fuckn love Look frames. this ones pretty full on though. Would be nice with full Mavic groupset.

Mines going to be up for sale shortly, once I get some snaps uploaded. In brown, complete.

Mavic ZAP Electronic Shifting LOOK KG 196 TT Bike.AVI - YouTube

Very full on indeed

Thats a really fucking creepy video. I feel dirty.

you can hear him panting.

Its like he’s grooming it for sex.



i saw someone riding one of these clown bikes around the city and it looks absolutely terrible

Treadlie store just put up a pic of one of these with mavic in there shop

Classic example of why, when you buy French, you don’t fuck around.

Buy a Time.

I wonder if it’s still there. I wanna go look at it.

Pun not intended.


Agreed. That is the creepiest vid I’ve seen for as long as I can recall.