Look KG396 KG 396 Pista

If I buy this, will someone buy my LOOK off me? HMC?

Rare Look KG396 KG 396 Pista Carbon Fiber Track Frame Bike | eBay

He’s got a nice Cinelli also.

WANT those bars

I want all those parts and frames!! wonder why he is selling?


if only i had a spare couple thousand dollars lying around

I’ll join the chorus … that’s fucking hot !!!

I concur. Jizzworthy.



So this is where the Look Ergo stem suppose to go…

calm your bidding guys… i got this :open_mouth:

Not sure what is better, his yellow one or his black/white one

I like how it’s geared at 47x17…

Still want.

giggidy giggidy!

Yeah, with clips and straps. Real track machine.

and a seat dangle…

it would totalll do my head in having that much cool shit lying around, better put it on ebay :rolleyes:

He’s probably found something cooler, so cool that you don’t even know about it yet…

i wait with baited breathe for future cast offs

hey brah, learn how to take photos…