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A good deal on a serious bicycle.

Have you ridden one? Only ask because I have had a couple of look roadies in with those style look stems and holy hell did it flex are the tracks the same?

I have not, I’d love to give one a go though. I’m going to assume it can’t be too bad if some of the best track riders in the world have or still do ride these though.


but yes, would love to try one out.

Life’s hard hey… Forced to ride a Look

wut size is it? 54ish?

I reckon they would have to be about the best modern track frame. I’m guessing the reason there were never many around, was the insane price tag, I know a local rider that paid almost $10,000 for the frame, then bought another so he didn’t have to change the bars over ! He also used to train on 135gm Vittoria Pistas around Chandler! Great bloke, sadly was badly injured in a couple of crashes and gave up cycling.
There was one at the Track Masters last month, they truly are a work of art. True pista porn…IMHO

They must have a better stem than the roadie I worked on, I’m only 65kg and this thing squirmed big time in the stem, it was scary

Obvs too much power.

Too strong in the arms mate! Stop working out at the gym just doing 400 bicep curls!!