Looking at racing the track (GENE!!)

If your thinking about getting into track racing get on this. Cheap as your ever going to find and you’ll never have to buy another cog/chainring again.

Suntour superbe NJS track pack | eBay

I saw that and was tempted but I know I’d end up hunting a full Superbe track group around it and that would be costly!

How many do you need though? I think I only used a 14 and 15T sprocket and 49 and 50T chainring. That’s me though… 17T NJS sprocket is unusual isn’t it?

i think its common, may now be harder to find tho…i had a nos 17 teeth NJS one

i’ve used everything from a 13t to a 16t, and from a 47t to a 51t. having that range rules.

But you’re a professional Brendan.

I started with a 50t and 14, 15,16, that gets you 84", 90" and 96" add a 49 & 51 and you can fill in the gaps. Some trackies obsess and will change both chain and cog just to get an extra 1/2" but until you know better go with something straightforward. Most times you aren’t fit enough and that is why you didn’t win…

he wasnt always…