Looking for an image...

Does anyone know where I can find that image of a BMX rider flying through the air off his bike while a bunch of people looking on?

Sorry to start a new thread, I couldn’t find it anywhere…


Awesome. Thanx…

Epic link. :lol:

That face in the tyre from the snapped bike is amazing.

+1, my fave


Also the last one with the dude mid air in the still bike riding postion.

That stair fail is painful to look at. My fave is the ped/motorbike pic.

A fair few broken bones there…

Definitely appreciated that one!

i seriously hope that my huge stack this evening wasn’t because i laughed at this today.

no idea what happened really but i fucked up big time trying to skid at about 25-30k’s on my way home from DISC. landed head and shoulder first. my helmet is fucked and my left shoulder is sore as hell. bike’s ok somehow. few ppl pulled over to see i was ok, apparently it was quite ‘spectacular’. my friend kate nearly rode over the top of me just to make things worse!

off to wiggle for a new helmet! my helmet saved my life. get one!!!


hahah jokes
but seriously hope your all good man, that sucks!
make sure you give the bike another look over tomorrow as in your scatterd state you may have missed something

haha thanks gene!! she firmly stated she would never ride helmetless again after witnessing my effort!! the 2 people that stopped couldn’t believe i was ok. drink milk kids, it’s good for them bones!

not looking forward to tomorrow, i already know i’m gonna be sore as fuck :frowning:


I imagine it looked like this:

haha quite possibly. except that guy appears to have the benefit of time to get his hands out in front of him. me, not so much!!

i have a strange feeling the bike kind of highsided me which makes me think my front wheel may have run over a dip or something, or that i put too much weight on one side of my new (and still unfamiliar) dropbars.

i’m sure i could think of more excuses to hide the fact that i probably just fucked up if ya gave me more time :smiley: