looking for fixed gear complete bike

I want a fixed gear complete bike. I am still deciding which brand to buy.

I am particularly intersted in SE lager because it’s cheap. Only 600 dollars. It seems it’s the cheapest one in the market.

Actually I prefer schwinn madison too but it’s a bit more expensive.

Any other brands should I consider?

The finish of the Lager looks like cowshit compared to the Schwinn.

Get a Schwinn.

chalk up a vote for the madison. 07 or 08, i love the look of both

or maybe a fuji track? you can get one off www.thebikebiz.com for $425 USD, but then i dont know how much shipping would cost…

KHS Flite is about $600 complete. Components ain’t special but the frames are good quality and you’ll be able to build around it as you feel the need to upgrade.

one of these topics should be stickied, so as to avoid repetition.

my friend has an se larger, picked it up for a little over $500. everything seems pretty solid, except for the stock cranks which he changed.

they had se lagers on sale this last weekend at goldcross cycles (yes, i know, i was only in there because i saw the 20% off ad on tv) for $480. bargain if you ask me.

Where can I buy KHS Flite in Melbourne? Is it available in australia?

i picked up an 07 se lager at the start of the year for 470 new, have been using it to commute to work everyday (30km round trip). im really happy with it, has been running well and looks good (its black not that terrible poo colour). although i do plan to upgrade/replace some bits and pieces here and there when i have some spare cash.



I have a Flite 100 53cm frameset on the shelf and a smalll and medium complete due in today(2nd May). May look at keeping them full time if there is enough interest.

Evan . Where did you buy it?

I run a shop, Cyclic in Flemington.
Have a 57 and 53cm complete in stock and a 53cm frameset.
PM me or call in.

I was in the Knog Store in Chapel Street today and noticed they had the Swobo fixed bike above the door - they are $999 or thereabouts complete which seemed like an ok price to consider if you are going for a complete bike. The shop person told me they are getting a few in shortly.

Not sure if they are good bikes (at least they are steel) but someone on the forum may have an opinion.

I have had a swobo sanchez for about a year now and its my daily ride.
don’t know if i would buy one again knowing what i do now;
Mine has the original galvanized finish which, not surprisingly, isn’t much stronger than paint and a fair bit harder to repair. Don’t think they still do this.
The stem is a bit light weight for a fixie, didn’t trust it. replaced that.
Coat on white Alex rims chips easy and don’t have a braking surface. Replaced.
Thread on hub stripped out a bit. Probably my fault. replaced.
Stupid white chain. gone."
Haven’t managed to open a single bottle on the cheap but relatively comfy saddle’s built in “bottle opener”. gone.
very ordinary seatpost.
Mine didn’t come with any useful pedals.
Conti ultra sports are great for skidding (especially in the wet where they will put up no resistence at all)
and it don’t come with a brake which would make some people question whether its a “compete bike”

The only origianal parts are the seat post and clamp, headset, top cap and fork.
so $999 seems like a lot of money for a bike which you will have to spend a fair bit more on to make you feel like bombing through traffic on with only yor judgement to let you down.

All those parts migrated to other less critical bikes where they now live happy lives.

As a frame I love mine, The “paul” style chain tensioners are fantastic, and its quite rigid,
,You can buy the frame only.
But as a complete bike I would probably look else where.