Looking for MELBOURNE Fixie Riders for Editorial Shooting

Hey Guys!

I´m an Austrian photographer currently residing in Melbourne and I´m looking for 5-6 people I can take portraits of with their bikes.
This is hopefully going to be printed in Austrian popculture magazine thegap (www.thegap.at).
They have a monthly editorial showing people with their favorite T-Shirts and the story behind it! So i thought since the scene here is quite big and the scene in Vienna is not it would be great to introduce some awesome looking bikes and riders to Vienna!

The editor of the magazine is very interested and if the photos turn out to be good (and they will!!) they will print the series!

So if you wanna get featured in an Austrian magazine and wanna have an amazingly awesome photograph of you and your ride just let me know! I´m waiting for you emails/calls!

My number is 0406137909 and email is hi@andreasjakwerth.com
You can see my body of work over at my homepage -> www.andreasjakwerth.com

Hope to hear from you1

Cheers, Andi

Are you looking for fixie riders or hipsters? :expressionless:

I thought this was the “gap” ??

does melbourne have 5-6 fixed riders who aren’t hipsters :stuck_out_tongue:

mussen wir deutsch sprechen?

Your not going to ask me to show one of the google sacs like bruno are you?
Interesting project though…

Just had a look at your photography! If I was in melbourne I would hit you up for sure. Quality images!

just go to the 9th green at 9pm…

interesting question!
I´d say both since I´m also interested in who is riding fixies so everyone is welcome!

got some people already but am looking for more!
so come on people, dont be shy :slight_smile:

When/Where? I ride a fixie, but I’m far from a hipster.

Ageh! A bissl dialekt muas scho sei.

i would be down for some flicks…i have my new bike…i recon looks good

get some real riders. not newbz with there lagerz.