Looking for nylon 1000D

Hey long time lurker fist time poster.

Im looking at making my own bag for uni, and am finding that most fabric/textile places dont really stock cordura/ ballistic nylon type material. iv called a few suppliers and they only really offer stuff in rolls on 30+ meters which is over kill. Any one had any luck with this sort of thing in the past?

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Maybe try and get in contact with Skin Grows Back / BO Gear.

Check out the hiking forums where dudes make their own gear. There’s a couple of suppliers who ship to Australia.

Edit: Checked my bookmarks for you. I think this is a good place to start. Bush Walking FAQS – Bush Walking Some of the links might be outdated. Just look for the US suppliers. They should have cordura.

Edit#2 http://www.owfinc.com/Fabrics/NylonWoven/Cordura.asp

There you go. That’s the one I was thinking of. But check out the other site anyway. IIRC its got some tips about dealing with heavier fabrics.

1000 denier is really hard to find. I looked everywhere in Melb and gave up.

thanks guys, i sent bo gear an email. should hear back when he gets back, i hear hes a swell guy so fingers crossed.

yer most of those bushwalking.org contacts are either out of business, dont sell their precious stock or only sell wholsale.

was hoping to find somewhere local, but may have to bite the bullet and get some from the state but when postage puts 60 bucks of fabric to 180 (what i have been quoted by an evilbay seller) makes me just want to get something custom made at bo for a little bit more. il keep looking and hopfully will hear something from bogear. will post any findings

Did you find anywhere
Paskal sell by the meter and Ricky Richards do

You have probably already realised that the question was posted 9 years ago. But welcome to the forums anyway.

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