Looking for suggestions (for a newbie)

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a couple of threads here, both asking for input on specific bikes (Avanti Kiss 29 and Kona Paddy Wagon). I was convinced out of the Avanti, and depite really liking the Kona it looks like it won’t be an option unless I can find one in my size. I then looked at the Redline 925 but size will be an option there too. So, some questions…

Firstly, if you know of a store with a Kona Paddy Wagon 58cm on the floor, please let me know as that would avoid the rest of this post.

Failing that - anyone have any suggestions for me? I’m looking for a singlespeed, pref with a flip-flop wheel, probably now decided that it does make sense for it to be a “road” as opposed to “mountain” bike. I’m 6’2"/6’3" depending on how straight I stand, and 85/90kg depending on how much beer I drink. The purpose of this bike is to get me to work and back, currently 10kms each way.

Oh, one last detail, my wife doesn’t want me to get a 2nd hand bike… however I may be able to convince her away from that. Anyone got any bike suggestions, or failing that, what’s a simple ss commuter likely to cost me?


Replying to my own thread… something like http://www.sebikes.com/2008/bike-detail.asp?id=46 ?

Any pointers?


What, are you nuts?!

Have you seen the Salsa Casseroll? It’s sold as a frame, SS and geared. Really nice IMHO.

Double butted Cro-mo, semi-horiz drops with adjusters, room for 35mm tyres, or 32 with fenders, rack/fender eyelets, DT shifter brazeons, bidon mounts, colour matched stem & chainguard (chainguard only on SS model). Hubs are Surly, 130mm spacing, laced to Salsa Delgado rims.


My Mountain is on Lygon St, Brunswick, they had one in the window a few weeks ago.

Can’t anyone order a big one in for you :?

You could also try to alleviate the boss’s concerns by buying a second hand bike from a proper shop so you know it’s been serviced and has a warranty. That would open your options up a bit.

Yep, looks like a go. I like the rack option, we have a 10 month old and it may well see a kiddy seat one day (I know that’s probably going to incite riot, but hey…).

I’ll give them a call tomorrow, ta for the tip.


They called Kona and told me that there are none left in anything other than the 56cm. Or maybe it was that there are none left and the 56cm is the only one they have. Either way they cant sell me a 58cm.

Re the boss - yeah that’s an option, not sure it’ll go far enough, but thanks for the tip.


hey man,

perhaps check out the mission bikes thread which is new and somewhere on this forum.

its in SF but with the dollar the way it is and their base models starting from US$750 with reasonable parts it might be worth having a look. if you spent US$900ish im sure you could find something quite good.


Also the Schwinn Madison is coming to Oz real real soon now, it’s apparently a lugged steel frame with flipflop and two brakes. People seem to like it. I talked to the guy at iRide today and he said they’ve got loads of preorders. At $750 it seems like a good deal.

yep! the Schwinn looks like its got some bang for its buck!

Surly Steamroller?
I’ve been riding mine to work and back since august in all kinds of weather and had no issues with it.


Remember the Salsa’s have a sloping TT, so you have to be careful with sizing.

The Schwinn looks good. Is that $750AUD?

Mission bikes are just colour matched IROs, shipping would be killer though.

I’ve seen some freaky things on this forum, but that one takes the cake :-o

It would appear that the Schwinn is in fact not lugged

$750 AU, yes, according to the bloke at iRide on King St.

You might be able to get it even cheaper, who knows.

If I was out for a new bike I would be considering it.

Thanks, so list of the things i’ve looked at is now:

  • Kona Paddy Wagon (unlikely unless I can find a 58cm)
  • Redline 925 (too small)
  • Salsa Casserole (probably a bit over my budget)
  • Schwinn
  • SE Draught 700c
  • Surly Steamroller

I’m going to have a look at the Steamroller over the weekend, and will possibly pop down King St to have a look at the Schwinn (who on earth thought of King St being a good place for a bike shop - genius).

From here, they all look pretty similar, the things I’m interested in are:

  • Steel frame
  • Flip/flop wheel
  • Braze-ons for pannier rack (read baby seat)
    From what I can read they all have steel frames and flip/flop wheels but none of them have braze-ons. That’s not (yet) a showstopper as there are baby seats that mount off the seat post rather than a pannier rack.

Any final tips before I go out and hopefully buy something this weekend?


There’s also the Surly Cross-check? $750 frame/fork (vs $730 for steamroller frame/fork or $1049 steamroller )complete


semi-horizontal drops, steel, brazeons…

The Casseroll does have brazeons, but like you said, a bit exxy as a complete bike, but $700 frame/fork is better.

Would a new frame & 2nd hand wheels/cranks/bars/etc be approved by the CFO?

I’m wary of racks on seatposts for luggage, putting your kid on there is even more of a risk. Use a frame designed for a rack. (Or get a bakfiets!)

One final option, the awesome Kogswell Porteur-Randonneur. Don’t know how much shipping would be, but frame/fork/fenders/headset/seatpost is US$600


Redline 925 rock!

Thanks everyone for all the tips - I picked up a 2007 SE Lager this afternoon, I’ll try to report back in a week or so and let you know how its going.


^^good choice mate i’ve been riding mine everyday strong for the past month,you wont regret it.