Looking for Test Riders

I will manufacturing a cog which can be bolted onto the ISO disk brake mount.

These cogs are coming primarily at the request of riders who want to try riding fixed MTB on a budget by flipping a regular disc MTB wheel with a cog bolted on the disc mount. Also you could use a front MTB wheel that has the hub spaced out to 120mm/135mm as a rear wheel. Again this is not the most eloquent method of riding fixed MTB, but it will allow you to give it a try without committing to a fixed MTB wheelset.

The first prototypes will be cut next week from 1040 cold-rolled plate and I am looking for several riders who are willing to try these cogs out and provide feedback.

If you are interested contact me for all the details.

Since we are only cutting prototypes, I need to work out a median tooth count. So if you apply I also need to know the tooth count you would like and also whether you want to run 3/32" or 1/8" chain.


a modal tooth count perhaps ? :slight_smile:

  • Joel

I’d give that a go, I think I’ve got a wheel candidate for it at home. I run 3/32" chains, I normaly run a 14 tooth, can they go that small on the ISO mounts? If the chain line lets me use the outer ring though I could run 42:16 for a similair ratio.

Because of the size of the ISO mount, 16T is the smallest cog that we can count. At the moment we are looking at cutting cogs from 16T to 24T. There will be two grades, a heat-treated steel and a stainless version.

We will also be offering spacer and axle kits to convert either a front or rear Shimano hub to 120 or 135mm, along with converted hubs.

Also we are looking at doing a run of threaded stainless cogs in 23T and 24T.

CTA and others, if you’re keen to experiment with disc hubs and whatnot (I will be when I find the time, and I shall call you up when I do Lynn) these magura (DT) hubs on ebay are good quality, I have one somewhere. Cartridge bearings etc etc. I think the axle just presses out so machining a replacement + the appropriate spacers might not be difficult.


the dude is also selling magura louise front hydraulic brakes, new and bled, for $45.

  • Joel

I’d give a 16 tooth 3/32" a go, where do I sign up?

I also would be willing to give one a crack, and a 16th is almost perfect. Its a very good idea lynn…

Finally someone other than Boone is making one.

Wish I could test one out … but don’t have a disc mountable wheel.

Thanks to everyone for the replies and interest. I would like everyone who has contacted me to send me a PM with the following information -

  1. full name

  2. full contact and shipping details

  3. preferred tooth count and width(3/32" or 1/8")

  4. what bike you are planning to use the cog on(street, mtb, etc)

  5. how quickly you can have the cog installed on a bike and be riding

  6. how klm’s you can put on the cog within two weeks of receiving it

This is not going to be a free lunch or cog. I need lots of feedback from testers on everything from installation problems to chainline issues, everything. We would like this initial testing to be completed in 3 weeks, after which you will be asked to return the cogs with a report on any problems, ideas, solutions, suggestions and etc. We then will proceed with that feedback to next run of cogs.

I am looking for 6 to 8 riders for this test run. Each rider who particpates will receive a free cog of their choice from the first production run.


This is for you Markmelb - a fixed 29er: purrfect!

shit your right - thanks!

something you might want to warn people about is that some disk ss hubs (one on my kona for example) are just flip flop hubs with a disk adaptor screwed on one side. awsome that someone else is gonna make these tho, boone ones cost an arm and leg!!