Looking to Borrow a Bike Now

A Bit random, but I’ve got allot of spare time. I’m in Hamilton now and looking to fill the time with some cycling, but no bike to ride. Anyone willing to lend me a bike for a day or maybe too? payment for hire could be provided. Happy with anything at all, but a mountain bike would be awesome.

call me on 04250two-one994

Please Anyone?

can’t edit, but Able to get to Newcastle as well for pickup too

im sure one of the boys could lend you a bike for a carton of export a day…lol! maybe hit up mike/clownshoes - located in belmont though! i would but im working away at the moment…

Too bad Hamilton/Newey is in NSW :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I got fam there but no bikes. They are all old.

buy one from gumtree then sell it?