Looking to buy first fixie (and first bike)

Hi guys,

I’m looking to buy my first fixie (and first bike).

My budget is about $600 to $1000, but happy to go outside those parameters if something special is available.

Height is 165cm.

Not much of a mechanic, so would prefer to get a complete bike. Have been looking at the KHS Flite 100 and Cannondale Capo in the ‘for sale’ forums. Also have seen Allegro and Charge bikes in the flesh.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

I got a masi fixed speciale 5 or so months ago… been riding it to work and its been great so far… I would recommend getting off the peg…

Only complaint about the masi is that the paint isnt too sturdy, i seem to mark it pretty easily… otherwise its a great bike… i paid 975 for mine

ive got a fuji track as my daily beater (fnarr). its fine for that purpose, and not so pretty that i worry about it being nicked. under $700 too.

i really like the capo too. some dont like the alloy, but the geometry is sweet, really aggressive looking. might struggle to get one under a grand…

“first bike” as in first bike ever ??

how old are you out of interest?

heh 28

tried the capo today - nice but a little out of my price range!

looking at a bianchi pisto this evening (2nd hand for $800)

Pista, no Pisto

Una bicicletta da pista è un tipo di bicicletta a scatto fisso designata specialmente per ciclismo su pista in un velodromo. A differenza delle biciclette da corsa, usate per il ciclismo su strada, mancano di cambio e marce multiple nonché dei freni, usano un singolo pignone fisso e nessun meccanismo a ruota libera. I pneumatici sono piuttosto stretti e generalmente gonfiati a pressioni ben oltre quelle usate nel ciclismo su strada nel tentativo di minimizzare la “resistenza” causata dall’attrito. (Per manifestazioni su tragitti erbosi, gli pneumatici avrebbero avuto ‘pomi’ mirati alla minimizzazione dello scivolamento potenziale).

okay - tried the capo today - not too bad, liked the bike, but decided it was probably a little too nice for my first bike

went with the pinta - seemed like a good deal as it was in excellent condition (only ridden about 5 times - stored inside the house) with brakes and pedals (total $800). Brakes still need to be attached to the bike.

read a few reviews on this site about the pinta - nevertheless, still think the frame is beautiful!

i have a silver Bianchi Pista with all original parts (and extras) I’ll sell you for $500.

inner city…i used it as a fixie so have both orginal track and added-on fixie components.

Only rode it for about 4 months

Dude jump on this!

AB: What size is your Bianchi?

if he isnt interested let me know for 500 i think i should be.

There’s a small capo for sale on the Brunswick club site’s classifieds:


What size frame?

52 though… :< Makes me think how bad it would be riding an undersized frame when you cna just get a longer headstem and raise the seat…

I do want to hear more about AB’s $500 pista