Los Angeles - 24 hours

I will have 24 hours in LA, I’ve carved some time out on my return from a work trip.

So, suggestions of things to do, see and look at?

Embrace the love for #prolly and hit up Golden Saddle Cycles.

Depends if you have a car or not… if not, where will you be based?

Go sit in Denny’s for two hours and eat like an American.

This is actually worthwhile. Or better yet, go to In’n’out, then a bowling alley.

I’m there for a few days in in 3 weeks time (SJ- only one more week of work) and have negotiated a day here.

When are you off? I will confirm if it’s worth it.

Go to Universal studios

go find salomondrin and punch him in the dick.

It’s only an hour’s flight time each way to vegas…




Alright - some good suggestions here (I’m looking at you Dennys + In n Out).

LA is hard to get around if you don’t have a car. It is just too spread out and the train system is pretty much non existent.
I am just going to suggest what I did, which was quite a bit of fun. Good for people watching and good for a feel of the LA beaches.
Hire a bike at Santa Monica and ride down past Venice Beach, Marina Del Ray, Manhatten Beach and finishing up at Hermosa Beach. Then turn around and return your bike. Some of the places like Manhatten have a nice little village feel to them (as much as you can being within one of the biggest citys in the world).

Once you return the bike, get a cab or uber up to Griffith Observatory to see the scale of LA. Yes, all of this sounds pretty touristy, but meh. It is what it is.

If you have time, Culver City is worth exploring.

How far is that beach ride Ezy, kid friendly? (kids are 7 & 5 and good on bikes)

25km one way… so maybe not ideal.

Ooomph, the whinging would be deafening…

I’d say hit up Universal Studios if you have the kids in tow… if you can get down to Anaheim, hit up Disney instead (it’s pretty damn cool).

Yeah, we’re staying in Anaheim and have three days of Disney and one at Skypark booked in already, last day we fly out we leave at 8pm and have nothing planned so want to tucker the kids out before we hit LAX. In all likelyhood the kids will be shattered anyway so might just hang around the hotel pool( and go to Dennys)

There is a Dennys just outside the park at Disney. Man I love Disneyland… I thought I would hate it, and my wife twisted my arm to go, but it was so good. I will give you some tips if you want.

I’m all ears, any and all info gratefully excepted.

I’ve never been to LA or DL and didn’t want to this time apart from the fact it was a good opportunity to break up the return flights and I know the kids will loose their shit (they still don’t know they’re going to DL yet) and they’ll absolutely love it.

Shit the bed, I’ve just looked at the Dennys menu, the Italian Sampler plate looks like a coronary in waiting.

Three days at Disney - I would recommend day 1 at Disneyland, day 2 at Disney California then the third a mix of both to mop up what you missed out on or to go on the rides you liked.

  • Tell them it is your first time, Disney are fond of giving out badges… you will receive warmer greetings and sometimes get a bit of special treatment
  • Clue up on ‘fast passes’ and prioritise what you want to ride. I think this system has changed since I went - but it is a massive time saver.
  • The Indiana Jones Adventure ride has glyphics on the wall, here is the decoder. https://www.flickr.com/photos/70496641@N00/368255303/
  • You need to head to Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room for a Dole Whip! Don’t miss this!
  • Another must eat is a Turkey Leg, do some research as to where you can find these!
  • Stay after dark. Disney turns into another place after dark, the lighting design completely transforms the place.
  • All of the toilets are themed, my fav was A Bugs Life toilets where the male Ladybird was a little confused as to which bathroom he was meant to be visiting.
  • Splash Mountain was my absolute fav ride.

hahaha talk about a threadjack!! :wink: