Lost your handlebars recently?

Keneally takes tumble after bike mishap - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

What the hell was she doing? And last month she (read- Clover Moore) broke her ankle on RTW day. She must get up to some wicked tricks!

been trying to find that video where that guys bars fall off his trek and into his front wheel during a race. can’t find it!

hincapie ^ a big fear of mine is that happening

it was actually clover moore who busted her ankle. but yeah, interesting to see it happen twice in a couple of weeks

You’re right there. Those women must ride hard!

Poor George. There was also that Japanese racer at the TDU a couple of years ago who’s steerer broke and left him holding bars that could shift and brake but not steer. He managed to get away from the peleton but then binned it hard on the gravel.

straight up. now she’s steady rollin on a ‘tetracycle’

The entrance to the carpark under Gov Macquarie Tower is tough enough in a car, let alone a bike with dodgy handlebars.

I can imagine you would just eat sh*t heading into a car park with no steering.

I love the tags that appear below it:

“Tags: disasters-and-accidents, accidents, accidents, government-and-politics, states-and-territories, australia, nsw, sydney-2000”

Should read:

“Tags: disasters-and-accidents-barangaroo, accidents-carlton-united-brewery-development, accidents-state-labor, corrupt-state-government-and-politics, states-and-territories, australia, nsw, sydney-2000”

poor bike maintenance… i was at an XC race and saw a one side of a set of flat bars shear off at the side of the stem and the dude preceded to smash him self in the face

too true…

Heard a story that was never totally confirmed about a dodgy LBS not tightening a fellows stem properly and it came loose/off while he was heading down a really big mountain (mitchells pass in the blue mountains) and killed him.
A year earlier i dropped a bike in for a service before i knew his reputation and he cut my brake cabble right at the bolt and didnt tighten that properly either pulled through in seconds.
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