Low Pursuit

Finally got around to taking some photos of my Low. I placed a deposit on this frame on the 2nd May 2012 and received it in the post on the 23rd of March this year, was the 11ish month wait worth it? I think so. It gave me time to thoroughly sort out the parts I wanted and save for it. I built it as a sort of 21st present to myself, something I’ll hopefully be able to keep for a long time.

Parts list is:

  • Frame: Low Pursuit 58cm / Stainless Steel Dropouts
  • Fork: Alpina Track Fork 30mm rake
  • Wheels: H+Son Archetypes / Phil Wood
  • Crank: Sugino 75 / 44rn front ring
  • Saddle: Fi’zik Arione
  • Stem: Thompson Elite
  • Seat Post / Collar: Thompson Elite
  • Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75
  • Headset: Chris King
  • HandleBars: Cinelli “Mash” Bull Horns
  • Pedals: Fyxation Mesa / Skin Grows Back Straps

Think thats about it… Have been toying with saddle position for a while as I have never owned or ridden a pursuit frame before, think Im getting closer to something reasonably comfortable.

Hope you like the photos!

I’ve been waiting for this to appear. I’m still impressed with how light the frame is. And good to see you finally have the rear wheel from international cycles!

it is a pretty hot bicycle.

looks good man!

Looks like it would skid good. I like those wheels.

Sweet build, love the wheels and chain ring especially. How’s the ride quality?

i hate those chainrings, the rest of the bike is sweet though.

How can you hate these? They are Prolly endorsed.

Sic Ride.

I’ve never seen that chainring before, dig it. Whats with the 4 (small, medium, large) cut outs and 1 (small, medium) cut out? Functional? Aesthetic? Used to be a logo there?

Put some risers on it.

Pursuit geo + risors is the new fixed / black / popular thing.

Holey moley! That is one sweet bike buddy. Stoked for ya.

Very nice! Good work on grabbing one of those super rare chainrings!

awesome bike dude, impressive parts list!

It’s around the wrong way :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys. The supa sweet #Prolly chainring was courtesy of my good mate and uncle Shandon.

The ride quality is awesome. Very quiet and smooth as.

Also skids well!

Nice ride. Who sells LOW// frames in oz?

No one. They are custom made, you can only order on the LOW website. Be prepared to wait.

and wait

^and then probably wait some more