LOW// Track Std. 2014

It’s done.

Collected parts for a good part of a year, wait time for frame was 7 months from order confirmation to delivery. Built at Shifter Bikes.

2014 LOW// Track Std. 57cm

12k Carbon/Chris King

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Dura-Ace 7710/Octalink

MKS Urban Platform/Toshi Suede Single Straps/MKS Toe Clips

EAI Gold Medal Pro/Sugino Zen/Izumi V Super Toughness

Nitto 177 Noodle/Toshi Leather Bar Tape/Thomson Elite

Selle Italia Flite Classic/Thomson Elite

Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H Plus Son TB14 36H/Hoshi Racing Spoke 4X/Dura-Ace HB-7600 LF/ Panaracer RiBMo

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
H Plus Son TB14 36H/Hoshi Racing Spoke 4X/Dura-Ace HB-7600 LF Double Fixed/Dura-Ace Lockring/Panaracer RiBMo

Thomson Clamp

More here:
LOW// Track Std. - Pedal Room


^ Dayum.

This is just awesome! So good looking!

Rando bars!?

Needs black cranks!


Although I do think the Noodles look a bit off, but if they work for you then run em.

Looking good! Can’t wait to see it around Melb!

So clean, so nice!

+1 but I do think that a Dura Ace chain ring would look better, but that’s just me being picky and adoring my Dura Ace cranks and chain ring.


Not sure if your steerer is carbon or not, I think I remember something about those X2 stems clamping mech not being suitable for carbon steerers.

oh man! beautiful!!

really nice build.

<insert my irrelevant 2c worth> given the parts list is top shelf i’m sure you have your reasons for each and every component, however i reckon a black arnn / 44rn chainring and black toshi straps would look shit hot…

Nicely done. Would look good rolling no doubt.


Thanks for all the sweet comments so far legends!

about time! took you a while! :smiley:

mean build! I need a LOW in my life~

Is this the first Low in Melbourne?

^ Nah, there’s a few around.