LOW// sz 54

Alpina / FSA

Sram omnium


all city 17T / Sugino 75 (black) 49T/ izumi NJS

Cinelli Vai Palm / IRD Satin (repaint black)

Selle italia flite 2013 / thomson


Front Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo c record shamal track

Rear Wheel/Hub/Tire:
Campagnolo c record shamal track

Sweet rig mate, would ride. Not my choice of colour way but it’s not mine so who cares! I think it’s red Vs Pink thats throwing me. Those shamals tub or clinchers?

Loving that frame. Good choice with the drops too.

Woah baby.

Awesome, really need to post mine up. I love the finish.

Hehe, thanks mate… It been through trial and error for many times, and i think this parts match are match for each other…

@lokione: yup its tubular, i don’t know if they make in clincher those days… But tubular technology nowdays its good already, so no need to worry about the glue thing =D

Does this mean they’re not glued, or that you’re not worried about getting punctures?

i hate chopped backboards

bikes ok

Saddle angle.

Edit: do like those frames though.

I mean they’re not using “glue” anymore… once we’re getting punctures i just have to put a new gluing tape! no need those “real glue” anymore but yeah, the tire still expensive though… =(

hell hot!

Tape hey, cool. Reason I asked is I just purchased my first set of track tubs.

I wouldn’t be skidding on tubs especially if you have only used tape rather than glue.

Yee, it’s true…

Doug are these tubs for the street? Please say no.

OK, no. Yes, I’m lying. If it helps I’m only gonna use them on the longer RIDING rides, not the sub 40 click coffee/lunch round trip thrash fest and will probs have a brake on the front. Still hate me? Gotta look at it like this man: I got no more motorbikes or street cars, more graff = goal, family means drug and alcohol mega binges are on the back burner so where else can my lust for inappropriate fun manifest for the best? Deep carbon tubbies bro :wink:

Hahaha… U guys are funny… Any of u live in sydney?

Nah Dayne and I are in QLD

A couple of us Sydney Friday nighters were (carry okay) ing tonight, I like to think we’re funny.

Yeah we’re in qld, that’s why we type funny.
Doug that is the best argument for tubs on the street I’ve heard.