Lucy's XS 26er

Finally all built up turns out the Surly cable hanger was too long for an extra small 26er so needed to wait for a replacement. Bought the frame off ebay for $25 with the shakes, MikeD straightened out the drop outs for me ,built up with a mix of parts off an odl 26er I’ve had lying around, some from the Goodcycles swap meet and some interweb deliveries.

Frame: XS Apollo Kosciusko
Wheels: Rigida double wall eyeleted Zac19 rear rim on shimano hub, Mavic cross land front.
Brakes: TRP Canti
Shakes: Alivio 8 speed
Cranks: Trailcraft 152mm Cranks 2x Option
RD: XT M772 9 speed
FD: Altus FD-M313
Stem: Pro 55mm
Bars: Alloy ??, GT Grips
Saddle: Selle Royal Seta Ladies
Seatpost: Campy Brevet.

Axiom rack all ready for some bike camping portage.

Sweet!!! Looks awesome.

Great stuff.
For reference, how tall is Lucy and how long is the seat tube?

She’s 142cm and I think (from memory) it’s 13".

I like it.
Whip the rack of and it reminds me of a 90s trials bike!

Nice work, must have been hard to find something to suit her.

That’s pretty sweet eh. Great mash up of parts

She was supposed to inherit one of these nice trailcraft 24ers from her cousins but she’s now taller than her oldest cousin who’s 4 years older than her. I’m still holding out hope for numer two getting one but it’s looking unlikely

Looks fantastic! Keeping the 26 inch rim brake dream alive :slight_smile:

So, Lucy’s little sister got a fancy Trailcraft 24" MTB from her cousin and was slaying our little Yarra Trails loop faster and with way more confidence than Lucy on the Apollo. As a result, Lucy was getting a bit grumpy and wasn’t keen on coming out for rides. So I got a bit carried away, bought WestcoastPetes inbred, ordered a frame and additional parts for a China Carbon XS 26er, Built it up yesterday.

Needs a few tweaks including hydro line trim, shorter stem and new pedals but we took it for a spin this arvo as she absolutely loved it. Its a trail slaying weapon.


Frame: BXT Chinese Carbons 14" 26er
Fork: Fox 32 100mm (From WCPs inbred)
Wheels: Stans Crest to DT Swiss 340 hubs and tubeless Racing Ralphs (From WCPs inbred)
Cranks: NX 155mm
Brakes/Shifter/RD: XT
Seatpost: Cutdown Ritchey Carbon
Saddle: Selle Royal Seta Ladies
Bars: Carbon bars and foam grips from the shed

Will update with some new photos once I’ve tidied everything up in the new year. We’re also talking about maybe getting some custom details made up…

Looks sweet!! Stealthy and light. Weighed it?

Na, I don’t have scales but it’s pretty damn light. Maybe even sub 9

Rad dad dal does it again


Got some pink flame decals from

So… this got stolen off the front porch today along with Tess’ green Trailcraft Pineridge 24…

Keep your eyes peeled

oh maaaaan, that fucking sucks.

FFS. Stealing kids bikes, that’s got to be a new low.

I’ll keep an eye out.