Lugged MTB

and one for the H’s and JLN’s amoungst us.
Bridgestone MB1 93 Lugged Mountain Bike, Ritchey Fork | eBay

Very very nice. Looks like the bidding war has started

Not sure if it’s the same bike, but I remember one of the Adelaide guys picked up something similar from an old guy who had it listed on gumtree?

Better stay in Adelaide!

Nah someone bring that to Perth, thats sick!


Going to have a bid on this. I have absolutely no space for another bike. But want.

its dave’s bike.

I have no need for this, but a Grant Peterson designed Bridgestone is quite rare is Australia. Dave’s done a good job of listing it.

Chanks…I try to make my listings idiot proof and pic heavy. No one has asked any Q’s yet so I must have covered most bases. And since the posting here the watch count has gone boonta. Took me 4 stubbies and half an afternoon to pack and box everything, so I’ll be spewin if it sells locally and all that work was for nowt.

Nice frame. Pics with 700c road rims. lol

I dont really own any 26 inch stuff.

Its cool. I was trollin’

Speaking of, just found this on the interwebz
Grant Petersen holding a Bridgestone MB-1 frame | Flickr - Photo Sharing!