Luis vuitton polo bike

Saw this on holidays in Florence. Seems Louis Vutton has gotten on the bike polo bandwagon.
Looks like its kitted out with all Paul components and some nice tan leather straps for mallet carrying.
There was no mention if Louis welded the frame himself or not though.
Can take orders if anyone’s interested. I’m sure it’ll be a reasonable price…

Here is the back story from a French polo player if you are interested Louis Vuitton Polo Bike shot for Intersection Magazine

B43’s with a shit front wheel cover… ?

There was a similar polo bike on display in the Sydney store. Not sure if it’s still there though. I’ll see if I can dig up some pics.

when was that?

I seem to remember this thing from London days, been around for a few years

That pic was taken late April last year (20APR12).