lurker's steamroller

i’ve been lurking on these forums for afew months now, and have finally got around to taking some pics.

brought the steamroller from BSC about 4 months ago, and with pleasure have been slowly building it up. only stock parts left are the seat post and sugino rd cranks. i’m pretty happy with how it is at the moment, and it rides very well, but there is always room for improvement :evil:

very keen to go on some of the wednesday and saturday rides (melbourne) now that work has free’d up for the next few weeks before school starts again :expressionless:

Well, your photobucket account is set to private; i can’t really help there.

hey i like it! i love that colour. and white deep Vs to black spokes, nice move :wink:
your seat looks comfy… you given it some ass off road?

Thanks spud, i changed my account to public now it seems to be working :slight_smile:

very nice mate done well :slight_smile: where’d you get those bars from?

thanks leon. the bars are just cheap risers from my local bike shop in mitcham, i think they cost me $15. you can find cheap riser bars at most bike shops.

i spot the original spacers and stem as well as the headset i think.
bah, barely modded at all with all that original stuff left…

from your local shop in Mitcham eh?
wouldn’t be Cycle Science would it?
If so, it have been me that sold them to you?

Thanks mate i’ll have a look around tomorrow.
im after somethin similiar

yes the spacers are original, how could i forget :roll: stem is not though, its a cannondale stem, and headset is a cheap fsa one.

yeah sime the shop was cycle science, and it was you who served me :smiley:

Crazy! come and say hi and bring in your new beast to show me! i usually work weekends and varying days during the week!

looks nice. were you at the burn city scavenger hunt? i think i may have ridden with for a bit…

how did you de-sticker your frame?

im thinking of doing that to mine or just respraying it.

will probably end up respraying it though.