Lyon Housemuseum (in Kew)

Hey guys,

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in Pub, but it’s pretty Melbourne-centric. Writing a paper on this place right now -

It’s essentially an art gallery, and the collector’s family home at the same time. Just wondering if anyone who lives in Kew, or around, has heard of it/noticed it/been there before?
It houses one of the biggest, most important contemporary Australian art collections in the country.

The paper’s about the collectors, and the unusual gallery space and I wanted to include a little anecdotal bit about how it’s just part of the suburbs etc, and people may or may not know what a significant building/house it is.

Didn’t get a chance to make it when I was last in Melbourne to see it in its suburban context.

Cool cool, thanks!


Can’t help personally, but this guy I follow on Instagram named Samuel Condon is a Melbourne artist that I suspect might be familiar with this place. Pretty sure he’s a bike guy eh, and probably on here. I think that’s how I found him.

Oh hey, I ride past there a fair bit when I work in Kew. I rode past it yesterday.

That’s the sort of anecdotal account i’m after! So you didn’t know it was there before, i’m guessing?

Nup. I’ve always noticed the building. From the outside it looks like a really flash house, which isn’t unusual for the area (the flashness, not the actual design), or I’ve thought it might be some sort of official place like a fancy daycare or offices. Yesterday I noticed something brightly coloured and smoothly shaped poking above the external wall that I don’t remember noticing before, highlighted by the dark background of the building.

That’s great, thanks Pete!