Macaframa torrent download.


and then it comes out and it does not live up to the hype created, is pretty boring with not much variety and a mostly boring soundtrack that didnt seem to hit the mark/match the mood/feel of the riding on screen. It did however have its moments…

Chris Fonseca’s “no cassetts” FTW :sunglasses: now THAT video made me wanna go ride all day long!

It had it’s moments… but I don’t think the music suited it as well as it could’ve. To compare it to MASH, where majority of the songs suited the riding / filming.

The guy losing control slightly and hitting the back of the car and going over his bars = highlight of the movie

I was digging Steve Brezovec’s part. Those leg-over bar skids at insanely high speeds down hills.


The premiered version had a longer josh ‘big red’ hayes part which finished with him destroying his pink/white frame on a car crash that was more brutal but didnt have as good an angle. it was the 3rd frame he broke during filming and signified the end of filming for his part…

as for the music… there was some rider input/in jokes (‘send me an angel’) along with a standing rule that the soundtrack could not feature any songs that had been on a Bay Area skate vid.

papa steve (steve b) and his skid variations make me smile. his leg overs where he grabs across his bars into the drops are super smooth.

rainier is a beast…

as much as i hate to agree with you, well, i agree with you :smiley:

the mans a machine.

That poor Samson :cry:

Keo section… smooooooth as faaaaaark!

No Cassettes was better to watch right through. and the soundtrack kills it.

just watched it for a second time.

my thoughts - looks amazing. there are some brilliant shots. but as a whole it does get boring boring watching people just ride down streets stupid fast for an hour with only a handful of variety to break it up.

will probably watch every now and again due to it being filmed so well.

no cassettes > macaframa

i think that torrent is dead. not working for me…

That was the biggest heap of shite I’ve watched for a long time…

Best aprt ofr me was 31:19 mad skid on a bike with pack rack thingies

Talk about fixed riding being a ‘scene’…It’d have to be to spend $$ on making that video and expecting peeps to watch it

Something we finally agree on Azz :wink:

Ahhhh hug!

No Cassettes torrent nw plz.

Yep. So boring.

I bought it off ebay, it is the best fixed gear movie i have ever seen. Keo’s part is just insane.

You can’t sell the same car a million times for the same price!


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