Macaframa torrent download.

Here you go hipstars.

I heard torrents are evil… is there any trick to downloading them?



Torrents App—Transmission

chuck the torrent into Transmission press start.

easier than cooking pancakes

the more seeders the better

or you could buy the movie when it comes out

heh. well, i’d like to but don’t want to pay $40 for it? maybe $10 from the itunes store?

anyway, if anyone in melbourne downloads it, or the better quality version apparently on demonoid, (14fps is pretty lame) then i wouldn’t mind a copy.
torrents never go very quick for me, not sure why, and i got a new router and can’t be bothered port forwarding all over again.

good torrent. was quick took 15 mins for the dload today. sick vid. watching it now. i am in meburn. download u torrent. easy as piss and works a treat.

50% of the movie is time lapses… It’s kinda boring but Rainier’s part is rad.

Watching it now… @ minute 18…kind of bored so far.

I gave it 15 minutes but I couldn’t stand any more. I had a flick through the rest and there were some nice slo-mo shots but overall it’s about as interesting as watching hipsters ride down Canning St.

there is a couple of threads about it on here kero, have a search when you want some lulz :wink:

Might be a “screening” of it in Adelaide soon.

Working out the details.

I watched Macaframa last night. I really like it. The music’s good (Murder City Devils!), and the riding is good. The sections are a little bit too long, but other than that… The trick stuff looks good because it’s smooth and looks pretty fast. It’s also nice to see dudes wearing helmets. Somehow they still manage to look cool wearing them though.

I have about 27 vents in my helmet.


You coming out on Sunday? Don’t make me ride the City to Bay just to tease you.

Can not commit at this stage. Still planning on running it… :-o

I think I fell asleep after the 4000000000th skid down a big hill while pedaling really fast

Watched it last night, it was pretty boring. Soundtrack was annoying too.

Three words…


Ah the Rolling Stones track really annoyed me. Its not a Wes Anderson movie…

Wasn’t that ones of the reasons it took forever to get out because of the soundtrack licensing?