Just found this quite cool vid, anyone heard of these guys? Some of the riding seems crazy to me but is very impressive.


There could be something to this fixed-gear trend after all.

If anyone is selling chopped down fixie bars so I can ride in heavy traffic without fear of getting my handlebars caught on side mirrors. Hola.

Rolly, are you still selling those green deep vs?

someone should start a forum for fixie heads…

but on a serious note…i ride fixed…and saw this film along with a bunch of others when they came out…to be honest, i find them pretty boring. much prefer watching real track omnium’s rather than a lot of the traffic dodging nonesense (Line of Sight being the worse of that)…which is seen to be “cool”

edit: although…the opening bit is awesome…mainly because that Shocking Blue song is one of the best pop songs ever…and i hate pop

Didn’t get past the company endorsements.

From the deep archive.

Mash better

wow how do you put such a long video on youtube i thought only 10 minutes

the future is bright

how do i stop on a fixie ?

where is sf ??

Bring back the word replacements! Apples potato… what were the others?

I use my prognostication powers to predict they’ll swap from narrow bars to wide ones, start using racks in a few years, then get into bikepacking.

Simon Doran: the development.

You missed CX as the gateway bike into bike packing.

yes, still got them, yours for an inflated & unrealistic price! pm for details.