Thought it was about time I posted up my fixed gear, so here it is in it’s current state.
Had this one for about 6 months now, picked it up off a workmate, HMC on here, after my old one packed in. Recently got some new pedals and strapons.
I’ve been thinking about getting the frame powdercoated a new colour, any suggestions?
Either that or a new frameset, as i could really go a larger frame, as i’m 6’4" and this is only 54cm sq.

if your 6’4" and that is 54cm get save the powder coat money for a frame that fits a little better im 6’2-3" and i ride 58-60cm

what u riding now?
your cenversion broke right?

Im surprised the seatpost isnt higher.

Man that frame was sweet until that horrific crash that undermined its structural integrity.

Hai Daniel.

nice to see the stock madison ‘clown bike’ long seatpost being used to its full potential

+1 get a new bike, might take that one off your hands, madison army++ …wait, what crash?

cute stem though, what is it

let me know if you get rid of the strap-on when getting a new frame. HMC borrowed mine and won’t return it :wink:

Benzy lives too close, far too conveniant.

road bike…

new frame is in the mail
new build is in progress

+1. You should probably be riding something between 60-62cms. I’m 6’3" and ride 59cm

Oh hai.

James, HMC, had a crash before it was sold on to me, only the wheels were destroyed in the crash, everthing else was fine. I was sold the bike with the ingredients for new wheels, i just had to build them. :smiley:

Stem is a Cinelli Groove. :sunglasses:

Yeah that was what I was thinking, I’ll probably do that if i can find a suitable frame. Dam not having trading access, excuse my post whoring. :wink:

It is actually a little low at the moment, been meaning to but it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Gene, do you ride the 58cm on the days that you are 6’2" and the 60cm on the days that you are 6’3"? :wink:

different shoe’s = different bikes

bare foot or the dunlop’s=58cm
and steleto’s or platforms for the 60cm :roll:

After a relatively quite day at work today, workmate James, HMC, has recommended conned me into selling this, purchasing a large Flite 100 complete, and getting it powdercoated so it doesn’t look like his, as us matching would be “heinous”. I agree. Discuss.

this makes me sound vain. But it would be heinous. Can you imagine, leaving the shop at the same time?

Shudders What would Laz think. Excesive LadyHawke, and now matching bikes… :expressionless:

i’ll join the chorus of saying that it sounds small.
But hey, i’m 5’11" and i ride a 57cm - some people think that sounds too big …