Mag Wheel Cleaner

Couldn’t be arsed rubbing my fingers raw cleaning up a crusty old wheelset and some other alloy parts so I had a hunt through the dangerous chemicals cupboard & found a spray bottle of Kitten Mag Wheel cleaner. Sprayed it all over the parts, left a few minutes and rinsed off - rims, spokes, hubs etc all clean and shiny.

Before I go out and buy some and spray it all over my wheels… would it penetrate into unsealed bearings and do nasty things to them (dispurse the grease, etc… you know what I mean)?

I’m guessing it probably would.

I used to use citrus cleaner to clean cassettes and chains on my MTB and destroyed my freewheel because it cleaned all the grease and oil out of it.

It would be ok if you were careful though I guess.

The root cause was actually the freewheel.

But seriously…I assume you could spray it onto a rag first and wipe it on to avoid spraying in the wrong places?

Buy a tub of degreaser and a cheap brush from the supermarket.

You can control where it gets too then.

Problem solved

I did mine with the bearings stripped and cleaned out, prior to rebuilding and packing, with that very concern in mind. Where it did good and degreaser didn’t was is removing tarnish.[/list]

Ouch - usually a freewheel works best with a very light amount of grease in there… maybe not if all that is in there is the slightly greasy remants of degreasers past, it would seem.

I used to be a total nunce when it came to freewheels, then I ripped one apart and worked out that they were a piece of piss to service (like most things on bikes, with the exception of perhaps all these modern MTB forks, esp. without the correct tools…)