mail forwarding services

question: does anyone have any experience using mail forwarding services based in the US?
i’ve spotted a mis-listed bargain on ebay (sshhh not telling til i win it :wink: ) however the seller only ships to america, so i’m considering signing up for a one off mail forwarding address in the US

A friend of a friend of mine hires a post box in the states for the purpose of forwarding on to their Aussie address. I think it costs them $30 a month but works out cheaper than postage direct from states to Aussie. That is probably too much of an investment from the sounds of what you want though.

Do you have any friends or relatives in the US that you could get the goods shipped to and get them to send it on? My sister bought a bulk lot of goods from the US and got it shipped to our cousin’s place where they then forwarded it to her (she also paid them for their troubles and it still worked out to be the cheapest method)

Find some friends in the US of A :stuck_out_tongue: and your sorted!!

You have to link us to this once the auction has run its course i am intrigued…

ur going to regret this when you get your shiny new bits and they actually say “nitoe” or “cmapganolo” on them

hahah i’ll definately post up when/if i win it/them :wink:
unfortunately i dont have any friends in america, and with not too long left on the auction i dont have the time to call around and suss out friends of friends etc
i’ve found a service that offers a temporary kind of rent of a postal address for one off things, seems like it will only end up costing me about $60 US to get them from ebay through the forwarding service to my door.
hmm, wish me luck :smiley:

missed out, even stayed up til a ridiculous hour to bid, if i had bidded $5 in those last 7 seconds they would be mine
NOS campagnolo record high flange track hubs, with original box, lockring and nuts :frowning:
ebay is the devil

no ebay sniper?

what did they go for?

ended up going for $385 american, jumped up from $60 when the bidding war started, i’m still shaking in rage haha

Yes, about two years ago, I used Access USA and it was a pretty good experience, much cheaper than Fedex etc.

yep thats one of the 2 sites i was considering, i might register just in case, it’s a pretty good service

Don’t be coy … what’s the other? MyUS was really hard to find and I only got it on a tip-off from a friend who had used it (not for a bike).

the other was
i found them both by googling “mail forwarding service” i think myus sounds better though

Another really good mail forwarding company are Bongo International, you can get your own personal US postal address for a one off fee of just $5 and or for a $15 a month they will actually consolidate all your shopping and send everything over to your address here! It’s easy to use, reliable and much cheaper than some of the other sites out there. You can go to their website for more information. Good luck shopping!

thanks man, site looks good. exactly what i was looking for!

has anyone got any first-hand experience with any of these? bongo looks like it could be the pick of the bunch…