Maintaining polished finish

So after you’ve put a weeks worth of polishing into <insert steel component here> how do you guys maintain its finish? Clear coat? Wax?

Good question - me too! Hopefully the answer is not - keep polishing every few weeks.
Autosol is good for a touchup.

I’m no expert about polishing parts on bikes, But i do throw yo-yo’s and some of those have highly polished surfaces, like the one below

keeping the shine on the steel of those just requires active maintenance, you know wiping it with a clean cloth. if i wasn’t planning on using one for ages i’d rub some lube or grease onto it, though bike parts would get dirtier quicker i would imagine so long as nothing actually scratched your surface. it shouldn’t need polishing each week?

I know Autosol leaves a coating that prevents the surface from oxidizing to quickly.

my bike isn’t that shiney, but i use a product called Ballistol, it’s somewhere between WD40 and a light oil. Apparently the Germans invented it in WW1 for keeping their guns clean/rust free, and they still sell it in some hardware shops. It’s good on leather and plastic too, and dirt doesn’t stick to it too much, which helps. Even better apparently a teaspoon of it will settle an upset stomach. (haven’t tried that one yet).

Peter (star enamellers) has recommended car wax for chrome parts to me in the past if that helps.

Haven’t done it as often as I should but it seems to do the trick - a rub using a silver polishing cloth also works.

Cheers guys. I’ll try some wax I think. Polishing is the perfect activity for a rainy night. And it looks as if there may be a few in Brisbane this week!

I’ve used clear coat on cranks, bars, stem and rims. Very good.