Maintenance; Main page.

The main page is a little bit broken at the moment, but should be back soon. Forums are still working fine.

I didn’t even know that was there. :wink:

So, er, whats the deal with the page? i know its broken but what kind of broken, ie PHP prblem or what?

it’s a trap to keep out noobs

Thats why its so quiet today!! :roll:

Aaah… something like that. You’ll have to ask Nick :smiley:

Refresh Shortsie, refresh. :wink:

“There’s a front page?” is a bannable offence over at SA

I was enjoying the ‘punishment’ for not typing out the entire URL for the forums - the GPL in all its hairy glory. And a serif font is lending us all a bit of monocle-grade class imho …