Maintenance/Mechanic Course?

Does anyone know of any places that do a cycle maintenance/mechanic course locally?

I’ve had a quick look around and have found that Pedal Power hold a beginners course (how to fix a flat etc), but I’m looking for something a little more advanced - ideally i’d like to get to know how to properly service my bike and identify any problems that may arise with my bike.

I can’t find too much else online so if anyone is aware of anything, please let me know! - Cheers.

This is an old one, but it might be worth looking at CIT down your way

The ANU Recyclery also has volunteers on a Wednesday night. Not sure if they have courses, but it would be worth asking them

Monkey wrench in hackett were doing some courses. May still be?

Cool - I wasn’t aware CIT held them, looks like May is booked out but will keep an eye out for next time. I might hit up Stan at Monkey Wrench to see if they are still holding them.

If you bring beer, and I don’t have a crazy deadline, then you can come watch/learn while I build a bike

I did a CIT course a couple years ago, it was pretty good. 2h/week for 8 weeks. It was at the Bruce campus, I’d recommend it.

Clarification, one of the guys at monkey wrench Hackett used to run some courses. The format was as a series of 3 hour workshops, each of which focused on a particular system eg gears and derailleurs, brakes, crankset and bb, hub bearing overhaul, fork servicing fox and rs etc. Is there any particular thing you would be interested in, Luke?

  • joel

Thanks all - appreciate the responses.

There isn’t a particular area I am interested in, I guess I just want to be able to complete a basic service, diagnose and fix general issues myself instead of taking it into the shop all the time.
I know the most of the basics they cover in the beginners course - chain cleaning, repairing a puncture etc, I guess I just want to take it to the next level!

The CIT course seems to be the best option at the moment. The current course is full so will keep an eye out for when the next one comes up.

Keith - I’ll take you up on your offer, will chat to you when you get back (you should let me build me own frame! :))

CIT course looks pretty comprehensive without going into squishy stuff.

  • joel

I am keen to learn about said squishy stuff. Only just worked out how rebound and compression work etc. My rear shock is making all kinds of weird noises and I am terrified of pulling it apart.

All sorted - thanks!