Making decals..

I’ve wanted some decals for my RIH for a while, and I’ve had a template for the designs for a while as well, but how would I go about making them? Who could do it?

I almost got a RIH road bike with Campy Record for $150.

I was in Melbourne in 1987 and dropped into an old bike shop in Johnston St Collingwood that had the second hand bike in mint condition, but I thought it was a bit too small for me. The guy told me it was $150 and I said I would be back in an hour once I checked if it would fit.

Came back an hour later, but the owner was back then and the price had tripled.

Went and got a Hillman custom built after that for about $2000, one of those little missed opportunities / poor decisions.

I’ve had some decals (stickers) made up before. My mate’s dad is a sign writer and he has printers for stickers. He just scanned the old decal, and printed a new one. So I guess a sign writer might be a place to start?

what decals were you wanting?
vinyl or waterslide?
I wanted the waterslide (very thin) to go under a clearcoat on a 1948 frame I am restoring/converting.
Vinyl is easy, just ask a signwriter, if they do not print vinyl then they will tell you who does.
Waterslide transfers can be done. Look for Lazertran at art supplies shops/hobby shops (model race cars/model trains) and you can print on with a ink jet (can fade) or laser printer (check that it is suitable). BUT if your bike paint is a dark colour you will need a printer that prints a white base layer. That is where it gets specialised, you need someone with an ALPS printer that prints white (also does metallic silver and gold) or mask up the area and put a white base coat before applying the decal.
JR at Velocals is doing my custom waterslide decals incorporating a white base layer.

get in touch with greg from cyclomondo, hope he doesn’t mind me posting his email address here

Greg (cyclomondo) replied earlier in the year that he was very busy, and then had no reply to my last email. So unless it is one of his standard sets on ebay it might be a problem.

my decals from Velocals arrived yesterday.

Pic-chursss?? Interested to see.

Where does Dan get his shifterbikes stickers done? He told me the name of the place but I forget, he was sooking about the quality once, but the chrome ones he puts on bikes look really nice, and he even got a 26inch sticker for that disc wheel :-o

the images are only the same as the custom vector art I sent.
The frame and the decals are off with the signwriter. We had a long discussion last night on the style of boxlining and possible panels (late 1940’s style)
At the end of the discussion, I left him with the licence to decorate it. I will see the results in about 10 days time. Then I will see how well we understood each other!

This is the best fit thread I can find. My office is getting a door with the top third glass, noe I can get PiledHigher Pet Detective in olde style gold leaf, budget doesnt run to real sign writer.

Can anyone point me at a clear decal printer that could do this?

We used for our door about 6 years ago, and the result was pretty good.

Can’t find the quote or invoice but and can’t remember what pricing was like

How big? I might have some gold vinyl left for the vector cutting machine.

Window panel is 55 x 45 cm wxh so smaller than that, can’t yet find an example I love but something like


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This looks like a step up from your suggestion can do curves and multi lines, some possibilities

Vinyl Lettering Online Create Tool -


I did our logo using my Mad Illustrator Skillz and just got them to print it

I always liked the 99 Problems font:

I bought this bike off Pip and still have it!

Edit: still needs decals. I wonder if Pip has the file