Makino NJS (with mostly NJS parts)

Hi folks,

This is my second bike after losing my first one in an unfortunate accident. It has mostly NJS parts aside from riser bars and wheels which I’ll hopefully upgrade soon…oh and the Cateye light set. Hope y’all like it…


huge for njs. nice.

nice shade of blue that

yui_23, how do you find the clamp on brakes? about to make the decision whether to source a new drilled fork or run a set of clamp ons…

i’ve heard mixed reports, thought i’d seek an extra opinion.



ps - bike looks great, a little similar to what i’m currently building, but with way more NJS!!!

Oh man, I’ve always had a soft spot for Makinos, nice work!

I wonder if its Columbus Keirin tubing?

rolly - i haven’t had any problems with the clamp-on brakes and i find that they have sufficient stopping power so no complaints from me.

Hide - it’s Columbus 8630 tubing…

pretty slack clearances.

That’s Kaisei tubing, not Columbus.

The fork crown is Columbus, the blades may be also.

wish i could find an njs frame that size congrats

maybe i’ll fork out for a georama custom build or something…

Ah, I didnt see the other pictures… Just thought the fork and the frame would come as a complete set. I’ve seen Makino using Columbus Keirin Spirit tubing.

nice and clean … whats the wheelset?

thanks mate, think i’ll give them a go. not keen to drill the fork…