Mallet 2 OR Maurice


Had a look at the Mallet2 and now its gone double butted it’s down to reasonable weights and it looks quite cool. $499 out the door but I see Wiggly Woo have a Mongoose Maurice for $439. Decisions???

Anybody know the frame geo charts on these 2 bikes?

I need to know if they measure CtoC or CtoT. I’ve asked both companies via email but no response.

you’ll probably get slugged about $70 for delivery from wiggle thus making it more expensive
and i see they have no stock so it might be a bit of a wait.
i would say its more than likely c-c

Mallet looks like it’s got stars rims :-o

$520 at wiggle now :frowning: Making the mallet look good.

My guess is you’ll be upgrading everything on the bike before the year’s out, perhaps save a little while and build up a second hand frame?
If I could go about my first fixie again, I’d probably do that.


I bought an Off the shelf to start with but ended up replacing everything over the course of a year.


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maybe look secondhand … depending on how much bling factor is an issue. I bought second hand fixie made by a local builder for $350 and just a couple of weeks ago, stumbled across a black swan single speed for $40 (yep $40!!!).
both are great fun for pub runs, commuters and relaxing longer rides.

depends on how much the ‘bling’ of a new off the shelf bike appeals though.

any suggestions on where can i find second hand fixed gear bicycle?

ebay, gumtree, bikeexchange, tradingpost.

this website :sunglasses:
some come up on other bike forums too … or people can help you to build one relatively cheaply.

i cant find selling posts on this forum. where is it?

need to get your post count up to 25 before you can access the for sale section. beware of trying to boost your post count though with pointless things like “+1” or “sweet bike man” etc etc

try posting somethin of worth or you may well cop a fair bit of shit and have your post count reset to zero/zilch/nada/zip/0


I started off with a mallet 2, but everything except the frame, headset, seatpost and chain is new
dont really rate the look of the Maurice.

…Also, whatever you replace, just build up a second bike with the original mallet components…
ive built 2 with all the spares accumulated… plus a couple of shonky bikes i found

ive got a mallet2, hasn’t given me no grief but i bought it as an entry level cause i’m a nube to the game, i’ll probably chuck it as a hack on the back of my work truck and go a custom when i’m more into it, but there is alot of hate out there for the cell bikes ive found. i like mine all the same

my brother rolls a maurice, just in addition

I was planning to get a Mallet 2 but after reading this thread, I decided to make my own.

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