Mallet making guide

Hey guys,

Here’s a mallet making guide I’ve been working on for some time now. Has a pretty easy step by step guide and some photos

First draft, more photos to come.

good write up.
my first one was a bit of a hack job but works pretty well (ski pole with plastic gas pipe head). about to make a new one with an aluminium head and capped ends

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Yeah link is down.
Anyone have good advice for attaching an old golf club without the shaft splitting? I noticed on most of the golf club mallets the shaft begins to split after use and abuse…

I ran a graphite club which I swapped a guy at work a pie with sauce for.
Trick is do t drill a hole through it but instead at the en of yhe club don’t put it all the way through the pipe, just drill a hole big enough for the screw and screw that into the end of the club. Hope that makes some kind of sense.


hahaha well i guess being dyslexic and trying to type on an iphone doesn’t work too well.

>Hope that makes some kind of sense.


A few people I know have done this (with Ski Poles) by jamming a piece of wood in the pole which then expands when you put the screw in.

With a countersunk screw, you can get a flush base to your mallet that wont catch on the ground. It’ll also give you 2 screw points which can stop your mallet head loosening.

Haven’t tried it myself but I keep meaning to.

New steez from LDN.

This works a treat. I use aluminium extrusion from Bunnings (smaller diameter than ski pole) which 5mm dowel inserts inside snuggly. I tried it to reduce the chance of getting a dent creating a weak spot which eventually leads to it bending.

Ive had it for 2 months and still no dents. This also allows a small screw rather than bolt to be used in the side of the mallet which is also flush and only on 1 side.

Clark Rubber sell perfect end rubber knobs to cab the extrusion.

i’ve had to remake my mallet due to it snapping at the head. i had drilled holes in the top and bottom inside the mallet head and put bolts through, but it created a weak point and it snapped there (although this was after about 2 months of abuse).
made a short mallet out of what was left, but this time i drilled through the middle in the head and put a bolt in from the side. it’s not moving and should be stronger.
need to get my aluminium head mallet going sometime

Thanks for the help, Ive started chopping and drilling, all I have is a mess right now.

What are peoples thoughts on capping mallets? Ive noticed a few around along with the pic above, is there much benefit? Would it allow for more power in a shot?

The shot will be straighter, faster and more accurate.

The negative means you cant ‘scoop/cup’ (hold the ball between ground and mallet), it would add weight (considerable) and usually just laziness as its harder to make.

One side capped and one not seems to be the best option.
Ball-joint-ability on one end and straight-cap-shooting at the other.