Malvern Star Skidstar GT Mk I

OK so here’s the first build.

It’s an unusual ride. The front brake is really crap but I don’t have the balls for brakeless, even though it’s so crap it’s probably more or less the same result as brakeless.

haha, i like the skull :slight_smile:

nice ride, very jealous

loving the egg-beaters

I think you win the grave digging award with this post.

What surprises me most is that Westnet haven’t been my ISP for years but the pics are still there.

That brake was so shit I took it off and rode brakeless anyway.

Do you still own/ride it occasionally?

I still have the frame but it’s been in the garage for a few years now.

Snowflake rode NOBR AKES?!?!

Now i have heard everything.