Maniac track bike

MANIAC VINTAGE TRACK BIKE/FIXIE - QUALITY PARTS - CINELLI, SUGINO | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Vincent Area - North Perth | 1027531009

I thought the same thing.

This is very cool.

Those Lug cutouts are the same as what M H Jones did on his frames and being in Perth, I’d suggest that it actually is a Milton Jones.

Looks like my size, and if I was over there, I’d probably inspect/lowball/buy.

yeah looks sick! would race on it

DB cutout - David Brotherton? Did he make frames? His father, Peter Brotherton, made Petrus frames which I believe used the clover cutout.

^ So apparently David Brotherton did help his father with frames (see here), so I’ll put in my vote for a Petrus, or at least, a close relative.

^ thats where my money would have been, still umming

Why hasn’t someone bought this yet? Shit is hot yo.

This went to a good home. In perth.


Fully Sick

tis awesome.