Manly Dam

I finished up about 9:15 am - there were some firies setting up at park in Allambie so I figured it was time to go.

7AM is balls. Later maybe?? Sundays are for sleeping in!

7am IS sleeping in :wink: I guess we have to wait until later in the week anyway. The dam is currently closed due to back burning as far as the website says and if as much rain as is forecast-ed comes down, I doubt that it will be open. Fingers crossed though as the second half of the week is supposed to stay dry and we haven’t got that much rain on the Northern Beaches so far anyway.

I’m out for this Sunday, will need to attend a funeral. I might ride there on Saturday morning but will need to decide that at short notice.

That’s no good regarding the funeral. I hope it wasn’t too close of a friend or family member.

I’m keen for Saturday or later this week as long as it’s open and not too early! 8:30??? Text me for a faster response than here: 0455420327

Thanks mate.

Will be in contact in regards to Saturday. 8.30am would be fine with me as well.

I am still riding on sunday, but can’t get there now until 7.30-8am.

I am riding there tomorrow but will be there quite early, 6.15-6.30am I guess. Can’t make it later due to commitments and the fact that I am up at 5am on weekends.

Another week for me. Riding later on Sunday will be a bit tight with work, and I have a feeling it will still be a bit wet after the rain this week.

I’ll let you know if its still wet but as long as its open whats the matter with being a bit wet?

Yep it’s still a bit wet but just the right amount which makes it super fun, sticky and not as dusty. You can ride around the puddles (not many) if you really need to. Had a lot of fun this morning, now coffee.

Partly lazyness as in not wanting to get my bike and myself covered in wet grit before work, and partly the erosion. Manly Dam is a lot better than it was in the past with more armouring and trail maintenance, but I still hesitate to ride there in the wet.

Still, I look forward to getting out there soon.

Hey Carlin, the main trail wasn’t too bad, but a couple of big mud puddles on the other side of wakehurst and still pretty wet heading along the ridge from the pipeline to Allambie heights.

I crashed pretty heavily on top of the last DH section, and now my knee is super swollen and all grazed up.

I can’t do next Sunday as will be in the mtns.

Will be riding the Dam this Saturday, early morning…let me know if someone wants to join. Very relaxed pace on the ups, I’m riding for fun on the downs and dont carry a watch.

Sounds god, what time is kick off?? Who’s mum is doing the quartered oranges??

6.30 - 7amish I was thinking

Guess that was too early for you? Had an awesome ride and will be out there next weekend again at aprox the same time (come on daylight already starts at 5.30am these days and when I left the Dam at 9am people were looking for parking spots). The new section at Bantry Bay should be open by then which means exploring some new trails as well.

I rode Gahnia & Serrata trails today, meaning to link them up with Manly Dam but it was too hot and I got properly dehydrated.

Gahnia is super fun with some nice steep rollers and is much more technical than Serrata, especially on some rocky uphill pinches. Serrata is easier but also has some challenging steep rollers. I crashed twice on Gahnia & once Serrata, and didn’t clean all the uphill bits on Gahnia. There is an unauthorised but tolerated access single track trail between the 2 trails that is also fun, but I crashed on that as well and tore a hole in my tire, luckily I had a tube as the hole was too big for the sealant to seal. The way the trails flow is a bit weird’- they sort of make a figure eight with the connecting trail - it would be nice to make a loop from the school at manly dam, up to wakehurst pky, then the ‘new’ section of Manly Dam on the right of Bantry Bay rd, then Gahnia, then linking trail, then Serrata,then powerines back up, then the rest of Mnaly dam - would be about 25km altogether, mostly single track.

Nice one Rod. I rode Serrata a couple of weeks ago and struggled with the steep bits on the rigid singlespeed. More of an out of practice confidence thing. But it was really cool to ride a new trail built for mountainbiking. The construction did seem pretty unique, all the handmade with sandstone being carried in. Didn’t know that Gahnia was open, but I’m keen to check it out.

Let’s get out there sometime.

I love Gahnia and Serrata and ride them all the time, so lovely to have these kinds of tracks in the neigbourhood. Let me know if you are keen to ride it and I’ll show you around.