Manly Dam

Let me know if anyone would be interested in riding there. I’ve only did it once since having a MTB again but I was quite positively surprised. It’s only a 10km loop but nicely built and quite technical. I wouldnt even call it beginner friendly as some of the sections do require some skillls and/or balls. As its very close to my home I’m basically up for it any weekend if someone wants to join me. It’s fun, there’s a lake nearby for hanging out/bbq’ing afterwards if you’d like. We can even make it 2 rounds and I can almost promise you thats its not getting boring. They recently had some trailbuilders there and they did a good job in creating some interesting (blue and black) lines.

Keen for this, I’ve never been to manly dam.

rcoh is into manly dam. carlin too probably.

Would be keen,can usually do early Sunday mornings. I haven’t ridden there for a while (6 months or so) so would be keen to see the new lines. Last time I was there I crashed on the creek gap doing the extended loop, so wouldn’t mind cleaning it.

I’ll take a look at the new sections… Got my Yeti back too… Keep me posted posters.

Nice one. What about next (not this) Sunday morning? I’m normally up for the early but basically can do whatever time you can make.
Crashed hard on the last section and I dont even know how it happened. Was fun and I had a good laugh about myself.

I might be able to make it early next Sunday, would have to be rolling by 7:00am and all done by 8:00am though so I can get to work.

While its possible to do it in an hour, I’d suggest an earlier start as its otherwise too much of a rush.

anyone else have a visual of a long line of manly men just yelling at the water to hold it back?


just me…


Made me think of this:

hahaha yes!!

I think i can do next sunday. can be there by 7am too.

7am works for me just fine, would be in.

Will probably ride there tomorrow morning so if someone will be out there as well just let me know or shout at me. Black Kona Honzo hardtail, black VW Golf Wagon.

7am Sunday 19th OCT. lock it in. Carpark at top or bottom of the hill?

I’ll be there Sun morning for a couple of laps of the extended loop- kid sickness dependant

I’d say carpark in front of the Hydrolaps (if thats the correct name but you probably know what I mean).

Whats the extented loop? I’ve ridden there only once but couldnt figure it out.

I went yesterday & did 2 x loops - it is great fun. The extended loops crosses Wakehurst Pkwy just before you drop down the dh run to the creek. There is some fire road, then singletrack, then a short road climb before re-cross Wakehurst over a pedestrian bridge then more single track til you get to the pipeline, then you follow the pipe, go under it, then follow more singletrack that runs parralel (ish) to Eva’s Track, then you meet up with the main loop at the beginning of the nice dh section.

Does that make sense!

^ that’s it.

We got half way around then started being followed by helicopters and decided that the signs about backburning where serious, so we jumped onto the road and pedalled back to the car. Had a chat to the firies and they were about to start lighting at 9.30ish.