Manly to Sydney Alleycat

It’s called the Pumpkin Run, it’s from Manly to the city, it starts when the last ferry docks and then it’s all on.


You should be.

Look around, it’s gonna happen in the next 2-3 weeks.

hey jetbike any more info on this run?

“Pumpkin Run”

Midnight drag race to the CBD.

May 3rd, 11:45 pm ferry to Manly, race starts when the ferry berths.

More details to come.

p.s. There are hills so a brake is recomended.

how far is that?

Looking at about 20k’s all up with a decent hill or two.


There is now a flyer posted on the above link that gives all the final details.

It is a word document (.doc) & I am not sure to attach it to these posts.

It should (hopefully) be going up on sydbma when (if?) my request to join is approved.

posted on the frontpage.

down with the person who posts MS word documents as flyers tho :wink:


Thanks nickj!

Sorry about the format, my computer skills are lacking severly & it is the 1st flyer I have ever made.

Hope to see some people at the race!